Toshiki Japan Camera Strap 50 – of leather and polypropylene

Toshiki Japan Camera Strap 50 900x515px
(photos: Toshiki) Toshiki Japan Camera Strap 50 | ¥5,800.00 |

strange that we love our cameras so much and yet so little are being done to find the ultimate camera strap for our priced shooter. i bet we paid more attention to camera bags then to straps but never mind, it is still not too late to starting digging for the one perfect strap. speaking of which, these vibrantly colored items from Toshiki Japan may be worthy of your consideration. the Camera Strap 50, as it is called, is crafted from a combination of tan leather and polypropylene to deliver the ultimate photography statement. available in three hues: blue, grey and green, the Toshiki Japan Camera Strap 50 cost ¥5,800 (about US$76) each and is only available in Japan at this point in time. however, i am confident you already know how to stretch your hands for one of these.
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Toshiki Japan [JP] via Acquire

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