Split Strap improves comfort of your carrying bags

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(image credit: kickstarter.com/CustomSLR.com) Split Strap Adapteive Strap | from US$20.00 | customslr.com

this is something we never gave too much thought to it – a shoulder strap for your cameras and bags. who would think a contraption as simple as a shoulder strap could be further improved? as a matter of fact, these guys over at Custom SLR think a strap can be further improved. it turns out that traditional strap does not distribute its weight on our shoulder equally which often results in strain to the user.
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Custom SLR’s Split Strap aims to solve this aching issue with their patent pending shoulder strap that has a split along the middle of the strap. according to Custom SLR, the long split will encourage the strap to sit and conforms to the body. it does make sense. usually, bags are designed with wider strap to reduce fatigue to the user, however this wide strap is unable to ‘sit’ probably on our shoulder which results in strain over extended period of time. therefore, if the wider strap is split, it results in two narrower straps on a single wide strap. being narrow, it can now conform to the contour of our shoulder more easily, which should give its user a less aching experience.

the Split Strap also features a pair of rotating quick release buckle, enabling freedom of movement for the bag as we moves, which is a pretty neat feature. Split Strap has a wide applications ranging from camera, bags, guitars and even arm sling for those unfortunate injury one might have. in fact, Split Straps will work with most bags that has removable straps. the various variants of the Split Straps are available over at kickstarter by making the appropriate pledges.

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