Shin Japan Heroes Amusement (SJHA) World is a collaboration project between four massive entertainment properties in Japan, namely Shin Evangelion, Shin Godzilla, Shin Kamen Rider, and Shin Ultraman, which is collectively known as Shin Japan Heroes Universe (SHJU). Last year, the SHJU revealed a series of amusement attractions which will include a Godzilla VR game and an Evangelion VR game. Fast forward to today, SJHA announced that Godzilla VR is dropping at its Tokyo venue.

Shin Japan Heroes Amusement World Godzilla VR Game

The multiplayer VR game – which we believe to support up to 4 players – follows the appearance of Shin Godzilla that threatens the city. You and your fellow VR gamers will each commandeer an attack helicopter to take on Godzilla. This being a VR game, expect to get really up, close and personal with the ferocious beast and experience its wrath firsthand. Wait. I thought the project is known as Shin Japan Heroes Universe. So, how are we attacking Gojira now? Hmmm.

Anyhoo, from the YouTube video, the Godzilla VR game looks like a super adrenalin-pumping game – made even more so by the screams of the players. LoL! The Godzilla VR game will cost each player 1,000 yen (about US$7.35) per game, with each game lasting for 10 minutes.

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Images: Bandai Namco Entertainment [JP].

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