Shin Japan Heroes Amusement World Godzilla VR Game Lands In Tokyo Venue

Shin Japan Heroes Amusement (SJHA) World is a collaboration project between four massive entertainment properties in Japan, namely Shin Evangelion, Shin Godzilla, Shin Kamen Rider, and Shin Ultraman, which is collectively known as Shin Japan Heroes Universe (SHJU). Last year, the SHJU revealed a series of amusement attractions which will include a Godzilla VR game …

Jurassic World Aftermath Collection Reworked For PSVR 2

Guess what? More Jurassic Park/World news. We have been sitting on this for a couple of weeks now and no, this is not very old news. The Jurassic World Aftermath Part 1 and Part 2 have been compiled into one complete package called Jurassic World Aftermath Collection.

Model Kit Building Goes Virtual With Modelist VR Game

The main stumbling block of picking up model kit building is, IMHO, tools, and space. The process of building is not difficult. However, before you can even start, you need at least a few basic tools and if you want the model to look even better, a dedicated space for painting is a must – …

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