The main stumbling block of picking up model kit building is, IMHO, tools, and space. The process of building is not difficult. However, before you can even start, you need at least a few basic tools and if you want the model to look even better, a dedicated space for painting is a must – complete with a proper ventilating system.

Modelist Model Kit Building VR Game

But thanks to Modelist, you can get into this wonderful hobby without the need for tools and/or space because model kit building is about to go virtual. That’s right, there is going to be a virtual reality game that lets you do model kit building.

Developed and published by Québec-based Pixel Racers and Kuwait City-based Sooqista Studios, Modelist lets you build a variety of model kits without the need to snip parts of the sprue, or use glue, and execute the most dreadful process of all: painting, without the mess.

Modelist Model Kit Building VR Game

Modelist lets you fully customize the look of the model with paint without the knowledge of painting mixing, and applies decals, or textures. Modelist further offers something real-life model kit building cannot offer and that is to fly, drive, ride, or sail a model kit that you have built and customized.

Welcome to the future, folks. A future where you can commandeer what you have built, well, virtually. And not only you will be in control of the model, but there is also gameplay and missions to carry too.

Modelist Model Kit Building VR Game

The Modelist Model Kit Building VR Game is set to be released in 2022 on Steam. Meanwhile, it is now available for wishlist on Steam.

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Images: Pixel Racers.

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