First announced last October, the first Transformers virtual reality game, Transformers Beyond Reality, is set to release on March 31 on PlayStation VR and Steam VR.

Transformers Beyond Reality VR Game

But folks who identify themselves as Cybertronian transforming robots don’t get too excited because you will be participating in the eternal battle between Autobots and Decepticons as a human. Awww. Not a robot??? What a shame.

Here’s a quick summary of what the game is about:

Transformers Beyond Reality is a VR experience like never before! Fight as a human alongside your favourite Autobots in this jaw-dropping arcade-style first-person shooter. Take on hordes of Insecticons, battle EPIC Decepticons, and even travel to Cybertron as you fight to save both planets from annihilation! Gear up, and let’s roll out!”

Transformers Beyond Reality VR Game

And also bad news for Decepticons fanboys. There’s only one side to take (and that’s Autobots). So, no. No chance of you playing as the smart alec Silas and/or his f up organization, MECH.

Transformers Beyond Reality is developed and published by Canada-based game studio Meta4 Interactive Inc. (formerly Minority Media) will hit the market on March 31. Pricing is not yet to be revealed. Meanwhile, you may catch the latest game trailer below:

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Images: Meta4 Interactive Inc.

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