From the maker of the sleek outerwear that comes with RECCO rescue system, comes a new outwear collection that boasts over 20 new features all-in-one 3-layer shell jackets, 3-shell layer pants, and a full-size fleece jackets. We don’t know what to say, man. The collection is like Cortèz Outerwear’s first; it is sleek, functional and perhaps more importantly, the Netherlands-based outwear maker did not conjure up this collection just like that. It is crafted with advice from professional skiers and design and made by a team with over 40 years of experience in outwear production. Skip ahead to get a sneak of what each item has to offer.

Cortèz Shell Jackets
Cortèz Outerwear’s New Outerwear Collection
This 3-layer shell jacket is so stylish that we thought even the Yeti will appreciate it. It boasts over 20 features, including a helmet compatible hood, soft chin guard (because no one wants a nasty sore chin!), one-hand adjustable drawcords, high-collar, sleek shoulder anti-slip, headphone connection hole, goggle wiper, dedicated phone pocket, convenient pocket for easy access, large inside pockets for gloves, side pocket with key cord, arm pocket for ski pass, adjustable cuffs and, wait, you know what? The feature list just go on and on.

Anyways, you know this thing will be a star in the cold, white powdered mountain like, you know, those on the Bluehouse Skis? And oh, it is made from Dermizax EV, a lightweight and washable fabric created with proprietary technology in Japan that is waterproof, windproof, stretchable and exceptional breathability.

Cortèz Fleece Jackets

Made from Hi-Tech polyester fabric to provide the warm you need in the cold, the Cortèz Fleece Jackets is also both durable and breathable. It is a full-zip fleece jacket that touts features like active fit and technical stretch, YKK zippers, has a high warmth-to-weight ratio, supports moisture management, and comes with side pockets and a woven sleeve pocket with waterproof zippers for essentials like ID, credit card, keys and whatnot. I don’t profess to be a style aficionados, but I know one when I see one, and the Cortèz Fleece Jacket is definitely one hell of a stylish fleece jacket.

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Cortèz Shell Pants
Cortèz Outerwear’s New Outerwear Collection
Designed to match Cortèz Shell Jackets, the Cortèz Shell Pants also feature the same Dermizax EV 3-layer membrane construction which means it is waterproof, windproof, stretchable and absolutely breathable, and therefore, it is equally suited for demanding snow mountain activities like skiing, snowboarding et cetera. Features include peach-finish for soft touch and noise reduction, belt loops and integrated adjustable belt, YKK Aquaguard zippers, each access pockets, taped seams, side vents with integrated powder filter, Cordura shoe PowerCuffs, boot-access zippers, and Keprotec reinforced ankles. Interestingly, Cortèz decided to incorporate RECCO Technology into its shell pants too. So, yeah, this pair of shell pants may just save your life in the event of an unfortunate incident.

Like Cortèz previous endeavor, the new Cortèz Outwear Collection continues the revolution of getting rid of middle men, thereby eliminating unnecessary cost to bring you products that are significantly more affordable than that from big brand names. And how much we are talking about? Well, it can get as low as 210 euros (around US$259) for the shell pants and 299 euros (about US$368) for the shell jacket. And the fleece jacket? It comes free with the shell jackets. Sweet.

With features and prices like such, it is no wonder that the support for Cortèz’s new outerwear collection on Kickstarter is through the roof. As of this writing, it has already pulled in over 300K euros (US$380K; more than 1,200 percent funded!) in funding from nearly 900 backers, and the campaign has 15 more days to go. It is showing no sign of stopping. Take a look at the product pitch video after a few more looks below.

Cortèz Outerwear’s New Outerwear Collection

Cortèz Outerwear’s New Outerwear Collection

Cortèz Outerwear’s New Outerwear Collection

All images courtesy of Cortèz Outerwear.

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