When I was child, children were expected to earn their keeps, but these days, kids expect grown ups to shove a spoon down their throats. Now, you can do that, or you can continue the good’ol character building tradition by making them earn what they want. There are many ways to approach the latter, but in the case of a tablet, you can either ask them to earn it through their own savings, or you could ask them to build one themselves with the MakePad DIY Touchscreen Tablet by MakePi. MakePad is a DIY tablet kit tailored with the “touchscreen generation” in mind.

MakePad DIY Touchscreen Tablet for Kids by MakePi

It is the first tablet which kids can build with their own hands. It comes with instructions, complete with color-coded cables, to guide young Padawan to put them together. Putting together the hardware is just part of the story; when booted up, your kid(s) will be greeted by an interface based on Raspberry Pi. From there, the kid(s) will be inducted into the world of STEM by the way of coding which they will be able to create digital music, develop games, and more. MakePad certainly makes owning a tablet a more meaningful experience for a growing child.

MakePad DIY Touchscreen Tablet for Kids by MakePi

Not only it teaches kids to appreciate the tech behind a piece of tech even some adults have took for granted, but it also paves way for future employment opportunities. Moreover, it makes them learn that if they want something, they have to earn it. I’d say it’s a win-win. MakePad just went live today (or yesterday, depending on the region you are in) on Kickstarter where, for a pledge of $164 or more, you can secure a unit slated for October 2018 delivery. However, as with any Kickstarter campaign, its fate lies in the hands of the crowd. Meaning, it will only realize if it reaches its set funding goal. You can learn more about MakePad in the pitch video embedded below.

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MakePad DIY Touchscreen Tablet for Kids by MakePi

MakePad DIY Touchscreen Tablet for Kids by MakePi

All images courtesy of MakePi.

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