need a hand to prop up your iPad? if minimalistic design is your cuppa, then look no further than the TwoHands II iPad Stand by Felix. looking like a cross between a pair of tong and a pair of hands, this aluminum and polished plastic construction stand works by the way of spring force to clasp your iPad securely and offers a variety of viewing angles, adjustable on-the-fly to your comfort level. it works across all generations of iPad, eReaders, as well as most tablets of size no bigger than 10.5″ wide and 3/8″ thick. all without case, naturally. the only point of contact of this uber minimalistic stand features a silicone anti-slip base to prevent slippage, while the soft-touch grip on the ‘hands’ ensure the tablet will stay where they are being held.

the best part about the TwoHands II is, when you are done, it can be collapse into a slim and lightweight package that you can be conveniently tossed into a purse or carry-on without eating up valuable bag volume space. this yet another example of minimalism that won’t lead to the sacrifice of form and functionality. the TwoHands II iPad Stand by Felix comes in three hues: black, blue and pink, and is available exclusively at Target web store for just $24.99 a pop.

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