Edifier e10 Exclaim

Edifier e10 Exclaim
Edifier e10 Exclaim | US$99.99 | www.edifier.us.com

it is hard to stick out from the crowd without a bolder design and Edifier knows that perfectly well, judging from the number of pronounced speaker designs they have turn out in recent times. latest to join Edifier growing list of speaker systems is this Edifier e10 Exclaim, an active bi-amped 2.0 speaker system that has a rather unusual, if not odd, aesthetic: a combination of curves from the woofers’ housing and the straight lines offered by its speakers. in fact, it is not common to see design that combines round form with blocks. the last time we remember seeing this combination is a car or a LADA to be exact (something that’s arguably not everyone’s cup of tea). anyway, under the hood, the e10 features a built-in amplifier that drives a total of six active speakers, pumping out 36 watts RMS of power. additionally, two passive radiators are employed in the midrange/tweeter housings for improved efficiency, and dynamic range and a pair of supplementary passive radiators are in placed to augment deep bass and performance from the woofers. other goodies include integrated DSP (digital signal processing) and DRC (dynamic range compensation) for “supers tonal balance” regardless of volume level. the only let down is, the connectivity is restricted to just a lone 3.5mm audio input jack but then again, you can’t really ask for too much for a $99.99 desktop speaker system, can you? click through for a few more look.

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