iPhone 5 Big Screen

iPhone 5 Big Screen by Tristan Dalay
iPhone 5 Big Screen | US$tba

when Apple announced the iPhone 5 with a larger 4-inch display, we couldn’t help but to be disappointed. 4-inch isn’t a lot of real estate to shout about, especially if you love to watch movies on it (actually, we don’t but anyways…). so what do you do then? stream to your big HDTV or iPad or whatever devices with larger display that you can hold of or you could simply pray – pray that this concept, the iPhone 5 Big Screen, by Tristan Dalay becomes a reality. as the product name implies, this accessory, when attached to your iPhone 5, will offer you, well… a big screen movie experience. not really that big, big (more like the size of a portable TV that your mum puts on the kitchen counter top) but way bigger than the puny 4-inch. the device basically magnifies the display on the iPhone 5, turning them into a more comfortable and enjoyable viewing size. what is (are) the optic(s) used remains unclear but generally, the idea of magnifying isn’t that attractive as it is often accompanied by distortion but really, we don’t know what’s under the hood, so we can’t say for sure of its projected and magnified quality. nevertheless, we thing this accessory looks kind of cool. and yes, it is still under development stage and whether it will see the light of the production depends largely on its popularity. in the meantime, let’s just tease ourselves with a few more render after the break.

Behance via HiConsumption via Bit Rebels

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