Down & Out BMX Fat Tracker BMX

Have you ever look at kids on bicycles and reminisce your days on a BMX? Well, if you do, perhaps you want to relive those days, but with a grown up twist. Meet the Down & Out BMX Fat Tracker BMX.

It looks like the BMX from your childhood days, except that this beauty here is motorized. Yes. It is a freaking BMX motorcycle! OK. Maybe not quite a motorcycle but a cross between a motorcycle and a moped.

British Down & Out BMX did not weld a gasoline engine to a BMX; the BMX frame was built from the ground up, in raw steel with clear coat applied by Pro Kustom.

Down & Out BMX Fat Tracker BMX

Speaking of the frame, keen eye readers may have noticed the lack of a fuel tank. Well, it is electric, duh. Nah. Just kidding. It is NOT electric. But Down & Out BMX seems to have lifted a page off electric bicycle builds in this aspect and that is by storing the fuel in the frame.

That’s right. The fuel tank is the frame (or at least part of it is) and the frame (or part of it) is the fuel tank. Clever. I like the idea. It gives the Fat Tracker BMX clean, non-distracting look.

Down & Out BMX Fat Tracker BMX

Other key highlights include a 125cc motor with Hustle magnesium ignition cover (in bright red, no less), 2 liters (half a gallon) fuel capacity good for 15-20 miles (24-32 kilometers), Brooks saddle, Renthal bars, drum brakes front and rear, custom stainless steel exhaust, motocross-style foot pegs, and finally, the strikingly big fat 150 tires front and rear.

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It is a delightful ride that will make any Gen X folks scream “shut up and take my money.” But some fair warnings before you jump on it. This being a BMX frame means it does not have suspension proper. The only cushioning you are going to get is from the big fat rubbers and that’s that.

If you are keen and reside in the U.K., you can pick up a full build Down & Out BMX Fat Tracker BMX for £2,800 (or around US$3,450). From what we understand that is the base price, not including any form of customization which you can also request if you so desire.

Images: Down & Out BMX/Simon Krajnyak.