Wider 42 – 42-foot of seafaring fun

Wider 42 Yacht
(photos: Wider Yachts) Wider 42 Yacht | US$PoA | www.wider-yachts.com

with 70 per cent of the earth covered in water, it makes sense to extend our leisure activities out into the sea – like cruising out onto the sparse ocean, stopping whenever you fancy and perhaps, take a dive or just chill out on the deck. whichever activity you choose, your choice of water borne transport must be small enough to maneuver, fast enough to outrun potential pirates and have enough real estate for some serious open ocean partying, and that my friend, calls for a beautiful yacht like the Wider 42. the Wider 42 features a few innovations, including a patented “wider cockpit” that offers an incredible 18 m2 of walkable area in the cockpit and cutting edge moulding methodology for its hull construction. this 42-foot yacht is equipped with two YANMAR engines that delivers a healthy 370 horsepower (279 kW) each and allowing it to achieve a top speed of 44 knots (about 81 km/h) but if that isn’t enough, you can opt for the optional engine, which happens to be a pair of CUMMINS, each with 480 horses (352 kW) on the tap, boosting its seafaring speed up to 53 knots or about 98 km/h. capable of ferrying up to 12 of your favorite ex-high school mates, the Wider 42 also benefits from a hull design found on racing yacht: an air cushion between the hull and the surface of the sea, allowing it to float lightly on the water, which in turns, allowing it cut through the ocean effortlessly. check out a small gallery after the break.

Wider Yachts via The Fancy

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