Four decades ago, Andy Warhol transformed the BMW M1 into the BMW Art Car Number 4. It took the US icon of Pop Art no more than half an hour to create the fourth exhibit in the BMW Art Car collection. 40 years on, the admiration for the BMW M1 Art Car styled by Andy Warhol is stronger than ever before and it was the subject on four wheels of choice for Munich-based automobile photographer Stephan Bauer when he was given the opportunity to pick the dream automobile to photo.

BMW Art Car Number 4 by Warhol Design

Stephan Bauer took part in last year’s Social Media Contest “Shootout 2018” in which followers voted for their dream subject if they were given the opportunity to shoot a classic car from BMW Group Classic’s collection. Bauer emerged as the victor. Following his winning, BMW gave Bauer an exclusive lens time with the legend itself, the BMW M1 designed by Andy Warhol and these are the results.

All images courtesy of BMW AG/Stephan Bauer.

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