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KneeFlyer Binding System for Kneeboarding

when you see Kneeboard, the first impression would be water sports, but not with this kneeboard called KneeFlyer. it is the Kneeboard that you may know, but designed for everything else out of the water, which includes longboard, skateboard, mountainboard, and of course, snowboard. it gives you a whole new way to ride and in a more comfortable position. this binding system comprises of three components: a plastic tray where a removable contoured knee pad is nested in, and a set of retention straps for holding down the rider. what makes the KneeFlyer stands out is the patented foam, featuring a contoured knee and shin cavity, plus a seat extension (or protrusion of sort) where you will be sitting on, thus relieving your ankles from the stress of your weight. Continue reading KneeFlyer Binding System for Kneeboarding