who would have thought a simple snowflake shape could be harnessed into an exceedingly handy and useful multi-tool? neither did we. well, that’s exactly what two dudes Alex and Nate did – design a snowboard tool around one of the products of Mother Nature: snowflake. the HexFlex Compact Snowboard Tool, as it is called, took advantage of the nature’s perfect shape and incorporates an astonishing 15 tools cleverly blended into one unibody multi-tool that measures just a little over 2 inches and weighs a mere 2.3 ounces (65 grams). in fact, it has 16 functions in all, if you count paracord splice as one of them. we’d be lying if we say we weren’t impressed by the effort the duo made to get to this design.

packed into this stainless steel multi-tool are three screwdrivers (one flat and two Philips), three sizes of Allen wrench, five imperial end wrench, two metric end wrench, a box cutter, and an obligatory bottle opener. seriously, this is by far the multi-tool with the most functions in the most compact form factor we have seen to date. finally, a hole, conveniently located next to the 4mm Allen wrench, lets you hook the HexFlex Compact Snowboard Tool to a keyring and use it as a keychain. the HexFlex Compact Snowboard Tool is yet to be a reality; the folks would need some financial backing to help get HexFlex out of the factory and you can help, simply by making a pledge of $14 or more.

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