Chinese Company Carried First Live Fire Fighting Drill Using Fire-fighting Drones

While China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation wants to use rocket launchers to fight high-rise fires, another Chinese company, Guofei Aviation, is banking on drones to do the job. The company has carried out its first live fire fighting drill using specialized eight-rotor fire-fighting drones.

You Can Now Turn Your Drone Into A Flying Flamethrower With This $1,500 Kit

Not withstanding the fact that combining a drone and a flamethrower is a bad idea, Throwflame (the company behind the commercially available flamethrower we saw a few years ago) wants to sell you one anyways. Throwflame is not selling the entire drone, though; the company is selling you a kit that will turn your otherwise […]

Amazon Revealed Transforming Prime Air Delivery Drone

Yes. Yes. We have all heard about unmanned delivery promised by Amazon, but until today, it has yet to materialize. The world’s largest online retailer hasn’t stop working on it though, both on the system and the hardware. Regarding the latter, the company has revealed its latest iteration that is vastly different, and dare we […]

Ehang 216 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Sets To Ply Austria Skies In 2020

First, it was Dubai and now, Austria. Chinese Ehang Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) is set to ply the skies of Austria come 2020. The company, along with Austrian FACC aviation company and ProSiebenSat, broke the news last week at a launch event held at Vienna’s Generali Arena. Following the official launch, Ehang will be showing […]

Airbus Trials World’s First Shore-to-Ship Deliveries In Singapore

Here’s another world’s first happening in tiny island state of Singapore. Airbus’ Skyways Parcel Delivery Drone has begun trial of shore-to-ship delivery in Singapore. Obviously, cargo delivery isn’t new, but as far as shore-to-ship delivery, this is the first. With this trial, it marks the first time drone technology has been deployed in real port […]

Russia’s Giant Drone Lifted 220 LBS, Wrote A New World Record

Now, here’s a drone that blurs the line between an aircraft and an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It is called SKYF Cargo, a purposed built cargo drone that is now staking claim as Guinness World Record for the heaviest weight to be lifted by a remote-controlled multicopter. Built by Russian drone maker SKYF Technology, this […]

Window-Washing Drone Gets The Jobs Done Without Risking Human Lives

We are familiar with what drones can do. It can do aerial imaging, topography surveillance, building inspection, and even delivery of critical cargo like kidneys, and now, it is being used as an alternative to the dangerous job of skyscraper window-washing. At least, it is in Latvia where a company called Aerones is pioneering tall […]

Golf Course Trials Flytrek Delivery Drone To Delivery Food To 19th Hole

It has been a long while since I hit up the fairways. Apparently, things have changed quite a bit. One of the changes is, golfers can actually order drinks and food as the game proceeds on the fairway. Clearly, it was not something the follow up team of golfers would not be amused. Over at […]

This ‘Drone Car’ Might Just Be What Congested Cities Need

It aims to be a ‘car’ that can skip the annoying traffic jam, but Koncepto Millenya is basically a huge-ass drone that sits one and so, dancer/backyard inventor Kyxz Mendiola (who I pretty sure the first name isn’t his real name) decided to call his invention a ‘drone car’. Mendiola is the founding member of […]

You Be The Judge Of Whether This Puppy Was Saved By A Drone

In a recent, somewhat viral video posted by YouTuber Milind Raj, it claimed that a multi-rotor drone was used to save a puppy in distress. According to Milind Raj, the puppy found itself stranded a dry part of a deep storm canal (which I can’t figured out where), but the helpless pup was saved by […]