While China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation wants to use rocket launchers to fight high-rise fires, another Chinese company, Guofei Aviation, is banking on drones to do the job. The company has carried out its first live fire fighting drill using specialized eight-rotor fire-fighting drones.

First Live Fire Fighting Drill With Fire-fighting Drones

These are no regular drones. They are purpose-built to put out fire, featuring an onboard tank for fire suppressant powder, water jet and of course, a nozzle for hooking up to an unusually skinny water hose leading to a water source on the ground.

The water source in this case, would be the fire truck which, presumably, serves as a pump to send the water against the gravity to the drone.

Each drone is capable of controlling fire in up to 100 cubic meters (about 3,531 cubic feet) of space and can reach a height of up to 200 meters (around 660 feet).

As you will see in the video embedded below, the simulated high rise fire was put out pretty swiftly, but that was probably because the fire was on the surface of the “building”. I think to reach further into the interior, perhaps China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation’s fire-fighting rocket launchers may be needed.

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A combination of both may be needed to deal with real high-rise fire. Perhaps Net Guard UAV could come in handy to rescue folks trapped in a high-rise inferno too?

Images: YouTube (iChongqing).

Source: Technabob.

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