Custom Indian Scout Bobber Drag Bike

There are times when we come across custom motorcycles that look so awesome that we just want to ignore any other detail and simply admire their beauty. Well, that time is now. Folks, this is a custom drag bike based on a 2018 Indian Scout Bobber called ‘Appaloosa’ from the hands of Brice Hennebert of Workhorse Speedshop in Belgium.

Custom Indian Scout Bobber Drag Bike

It s a custom bike commissioned by Indian’s European office, destined to compete in the ‘Factory’ class at Sultans of Sprint. While the class limits competing 2-wheelers to four-stroke motors, it has practically no limit on engine capacity as long as the power-to-weight ratio does not exceed 0.65 hp/kg. That sure sounds like not a hard rule to abide by.

Here are what ’Appaloosa’ possessed beyond its flashy, la Akira-style bike: 130 horsepower helped by a 30 HP nitrous boost, a racing ECU, a 2.5L fuel cell (under its original fuel tank), a nitrous Oxide injection system, fully adjustable Öhlins suspension, Öhlins steering damper, Beringer 4D Aerotec braking system with 2-disc per caliper (!), custom built Akrapovič exhaust system, AutoTech tachometer, Vibrant Performance cooling components, chain drive, quick shifter, fairing with quarter-turn fasteners for quick removable, and more custom parts than you can imagine.

Custom Indian Scout Bobber Drag Bike

All you need to know that this is one hell of a beauty which you probably can’t stop ogling at. And oh, the enormous front fairing you see there? Apparently, Hennebert drew inspiration from 1920s trains, 1940s F1 race cars and the 1940s North American Aviation F-86 Sabre fighter jet (which also happens to have a gaping intake at its nose).

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Appaloosa broke cover at the The Reunion in Monza, happen from May 17-19, 2019, where it will compete in the Sultan of Sprint on 18 and the 19.

Images and source: BIKEEXIF.