You heard that right. The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, has a mobility company and it has just launched an affordable 2-seater electric vehicle in Paris. The EV, called Bolt Nano, joins the company fleet of electric mobility devices the Bolt Original, the Bolt One and the Bolt Chariot. Bolt Nano is so named for good reasons. It is super tiny.

Bolt Mobility Bolt Nano Electric Vehicle

As a matter of fact, it is so micro that it can actually drive through a doorway (double door, I supposed?) and four (four!) Bolt Nano can fit in one regular parking space. Technical aspect of the vehicle is sparse at this point, but we do know it has a swappable battery, allowing the battery to be replaced instead of being stuck to a charging station when the battery conks out.

We also learn that it has a rather old seating arrangement. It seats two, one behind the other like a motorcycle. The bike-style configuration is what made it possible for it to pass through a typical doorway. The all-important range is not disclosed. However, according to Motor Authority, Bolt Mobility seems to suggest that the range of it is 15 miles (24 kilometers).

During the unveiling at VivaTech show in Paris, a Bolt Nano graced the stage, but no demo was given. So, we are not sure if it was a functional vehicle or just a model.

The EV is app-enabled, allowing owners to track, maintain and earn income by renting out the vehicle to defray the cost.

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The Bolt Nano will be available for your taking for $9,999. It is open for reservation with a $999 deposit. Delivery, though, won’t happen until sometime in “late 2020.”

Images: Bolt Mobility/Vimeo (Bolt).

Source: Pocket-lint/CNBC.

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