Motorcycle enthusiasts may have already heard that Ducati will have an electric model joining the family. Well, guess what? Ducati has recently announced electric model, but it is not what you expect and most certainly, it is not the electric bike the company said it is making. Instead, it is an electric scooter and even more ‘shocking’ was, the scooter isn’t designed and/or made by the Italian bike maker. It is essentially a Ducati-branded electric scooter introduced in partnership with Chinese electric bike maker Vmoto, the parent company of the Super Soco brand.

CUx Special Edition Ducati Electric Scooter

In other words, there is no development involved. It is basically rebranding of Super Soco’s existing CUx electric scooter with Ducati branding and conveniently calling it “CUx Special Edition Ducati.” It may be a rebrand job, but Ducati and Vmoto spared no expense in making the Edition Ducati known. The two companies held a press launch on May 03 at the Auditorium Ducati. Beyond the branding, it looks identical to the CUx (well, it is a CUx after all, isn’t it?). Though it does amaze me how branding could give the bike a more sporty impression.

CUx Special Edition Ducati Electric Scooter

Features include a 1,300W electric motor, a 60V/32Ah lithium battery that provides a range of 65-70 km, 45 km/h top speed, aluminum hydraulic fork, onboard USB, and the option for keyless system to remotely unlock seat and lock/unlock the vehicle. Super Soco said in its press release that the Edition Ducati will be offered with fast charging that would recharge the vehicle in 3.5 hours. Though we saw in the press launch video, fast charging appears to be an option. Also, oddly, Super Soco’s official words were that the scooter will be powered by a 2,700W Bosch electric motor, but in the press video, it shows the aforementioned 1300W. Seriously, I have no idea what’s going on there.

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Anywho, now you know there’s a Ducati-branded electric scooter to get you over until the company actually introduces its own electric model. Speaking of Ducati’s own electric model… earlier this year, Ducati has announced that an electric model is close to production.

CUx Special Edition Ducati Electric Scooter

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