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This Wallpaper Is Fire Resistant And It Is A Fire Alarm System Too

The idiom there’s no smoke without fire was based on the fact that where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. But we are not here talk about the idiom. We are here for the literal meaning, which is happens to be the basis of how most fire alarm works. The alarm only trigger when smoke reaches it, but by then, fire may have already broken out for quite a while and it may be just too late to save lives and property. However, researchers at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have a solution to this fiery issue – starting with a new kind of wallpaper. Continue reading This Wallpaper Is Fire Resistant And It Is A Fire Alarm System Too

Meet Point, The Smartest, Non-invasive Home Alarm You Want In Your Home

Think about this: assuming that you have a smoke detector installed in your home and if it sounds when no one’s around or in the vicinity, would it have helped? Clearly, not. But with the second-generation Point from a Scandinavian startup, Minut, Inc. you are covered. What makes Point unique is not just its irresistibly good look and unobtrusive size; it is a collaborative complete home alarm. What this means is, when alarm is triggered, not only you, but your nominated neighbors will be alert via their smartphones via the app or text messages. Continue reading Meet Point, The Smartest, Non-invasive Home Alarm You Want In Your Home

This Smoke Alarm is So Smart That It Can Even Warn You of Tornadoes

The Halo Smart Smoke Alarm you see here is, as its product name suggests, an intelligent smoke detector that is also preset, out-of-the-box, to receive tornado warnings and push them to your mobile so you and your family can be better prepared for any imminent threats. It is hard to imagine smoke alarm has come this far and is able to do more than just sniffing out smoke and crying them out loud in 85dB chirps. Halo does what many smoke alarms do, namely detecting smoke which could mean potential fire, but thanks to the industry-first combination of sensors, including photoelectric, ionization, carbon monoxide, heat and humidity, it can learn from its environment which will help reduce false alarms while confirming actual dangerous concerns. For example, it will learn that burnt toasts are not a cause for alarm and smoldering fire is. Continue reading This Smoke Alarm is So Smart That It Can Even Warn You of Tornadoes

First Alert Atom Smoke Alarm

not wanting a smartphone-capable smoke detector doesn’t mean you have live with ugly looking items. as much as we are enticed by the idea like Canary and more recently, the Nest Protect, we also understand being connected and having a do-it-all smoke detector aren’t everyone’s cuppa of Earl Grey. that said, we would like you to meet the First Alert Atom Smoke Alarm, a smoke detector that is both functional and at the same time, offers you safety with a sense of style. unlike most smoke alarm in the market, the Atom measures an incredibly compact and unobtrusive 1.5 inches across and is available in a variety of decorative finishes ranging from wood grain to stainless steel to bronze, to fit seamlessly into virtually any home decor. Continue reading First Alert Atom Smoke Alarm

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

smoke detector can be a life-saver, but at time of non-emergency, it can be quite a nuisance too. just ask yourself how many times you have to scale the ladder to silent a false alarm from some burnt cooking? in fact, the false alarm nuisance is so bad that we sometimes use foils to cover the smoke detector up (you know, it’s a dorm kind of thing), thus putting ourselves at risk. however, with the Nest Labs’ Nest Protector Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector you can literally wave goodbye to those ladder-scaling, foil-wrapping, broom-poking rituals associated with traditional smoke detectors. in the event of a false alarm, simply wave at the Nest Protector to stop the chirping alarm and that’s it – but before you even get to that, the Nest Protect’s sensors will detect the rising threat level and gives you heads-up with both voice alert, as well as visual warning with the integrated LED ring light. Continue reading Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Canary Smart Smoke Detector

smoke detector is the last thing we would be featuring here, but not this particular one: the Canary Smart Smoke Detector. just the word ‘smart’ is good enough to warrant our attentions. as you might have already guessed, the Canary is more than just a smoke detector. first off, it is pleasing to the eyes (a refreshing change to those ugly and uninspiring items offered in the market) and secondly, it is also the one device that monitors the air quality, carbon monoxide content in the air and of course, smoke level. these datas are user-trackable via a dedicated web app on iOS, Android, as well as BlackBerry devices. the app also allows you to silence the alarm without having to reach out to the device physically and be informed of the Canary’s battery status so you won’t be left with a dead smoke detector without even realizing it. and worthy of its Canary namesake, this little tweety will sonically inform you of status with chirps, and of course, those alerts will also be pushed to your smartphone, letting you know whether it is just battery low, or is it an emergency. Continue reading Canary Smart Smoke Detector

putting out fire by shooting it with a gun-like extinguisher

DryShot Fire Extinguisher Gun 544x288px
(credit: FocalPrice) DryShot Hand Gun Fire Extinguisher | US$43.65 | www.focalprice.com

nobody wants to be in the situation that requires extinguishing of fire but in a situation that you really need to, why not do it with style? the DryShot Hand Gun Fire Extinguisher definitely fits the extinguish-the-fire-with-style bill. shaped like a hand gun and when triggered, it will spit out dry powder extinguishing agent to put out the flame. the use of dry powder also means it is safe to use on electrical-related fire. the DryShot kind of make your regular red (or sometime blue) fire extinguisher can look so uncool. however, there is no mention of how big a fire it can handle. let’s assume it is for nothing bigger than a BBQ fire but then again, you need not worry cos’ it comes with three cartridges if you requires more, erhmmm, powder power? Continue reading putting out fire by shooting it with a gun-like extinguisher