Death Star. Who would have thought the Moon-size space station that spells death could one day save your property from being ravaged by fire? I, for one, certainly never, but thanks to the creative folks over at Auto Fire Guard, Death Star is no longer the name of death. It is the opposite.

It could be a savior when an unexpected fire attempts to consume your home. Folks, meet The Death Star Fireball. Now, obviously, sphere-style fire extinguisher balls aren’t new, but one dressed as a Death Star? Well, that something new and fun.

The Death Star Fireball

While its movie-inspiration is fun and all, but this Death Star Fireball is a serious piece of Star Wars-themed equipment. Like regular Fireball, it will burst when it comes into contact with fire and in doing so, it will unleash fire-suppressing cloud of chemical containing 90-94% pure ABC Dry Chemical Powder.

This substance will remove toxic carbon and hydrogen created by a fire. As far as fire suppression goes, this little guy is US-certified to be non-toxic and it is even eco-friendly too. And when all is done, the aftermath can easily clear up by vacuuming or sweeping.

Each Death Star Fireball measures 6 inches in diameter (15.24 centimeters) and at under 3 lbs (1.36 kilograms), it should be easy to toss it at the fire. But don’t do it if you are bad at carnival games. Just kidding. Anyone can throw anything should be able to do it.

The Death Star Fireball
Completely blend in with Star Wars decor.

As for coverage, each fire extinguishing ball has a coverage of around 905 cubic feet (or around 0.03 cubic meter). Perfect fire safety device for any Star Wars-themed abode, or just about any fan of the galaxy far, far away.

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It is not cheap, though. It costs 99 bucks a piece. Then again, you can’t put a prize to preparedness, can you? Plus, this little guy also serve automatic extinguisher too. Just place it at locations with potential fire hazard and, god forbids, if a fire strikes, it will do its job on its own when fire consumes it.

Images: Auto Fire Guard/The Fireball.

Source: Dude.

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