Death Star Inspired 3D Printed Planter: Totally Not A Moon Size Planter!

If the remains of destroyed Death Star remain in space, then I supposed it should be covered in overgrowth and whatnot. It would be quite a sight to behold. Oh, wait. Death Star is in space and space is vacuum, and thus no lifeforms should have thrive.

The Death Star Fireball: This Death Star Has The Potential To Save Your Home From A Fire

Death Star. Who would have thought the Moon-size space station that spells death could one day save your property from being ravaged by fire? I, for one, certainly never, but thanks to the creative folks over at Auto Fire Guard, Death Star is no longer the name of death. It is the opposite.

Death Star II Model Made Entirely Out Of Cardboard Is The Next Level Of Cardboard Art

Cardboard. It can be used to make a bunch of amazing things ranging from weapon models to tents to costume. But we just learned that it could be used to make even more amazing stuff like Death Star II from Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (Lucasfilm, 1983). Yes. Believe it.

Death Star Shelving Unit Is Perfect For LEGO Micro Star Wars Set

We have found the perfect shelving for those who have quite a collection of LEGO micro Star Wars sets: the Star Wars Death Star Shelving Unit from Disney. Made from wood composite, this unique circular shelving unit features two shelves for your LEGO micro Star Wars collection against a backdrop of the infamous moon-size space […]

Death Star Mug Is Not Moon-size, But It Sure Is Huge By Mug’s Standard

I never noticed if the characters on Death Star drink anything at all, but if they did, my best guess is, the dudes onboard the deadly space station would be drinking from the Death Star Sculpted Ceramic Mug because, Death Star. Duh. It is obvious. Clearly, no one will dare to drink from a mug […]

Now Dear Kitty And Fido Can Also Rest Inside The Most Dangerous Space Station In The Galaxy

In movies, bad guys always get the cool stuff. In real life, pets seem to be getting all the cool stuff. Case-in-point: The Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave. OK. Perhaps, the “pets seem to be getting all the cool stuff” may not be applicable in this instance since we, humans, already have the Death […]

Star Wars Death Star Dome Tent: That’s No Moon! It’s A Tent-station!

Death Star is arguably one of the most iconic, if not the most iconic, object from the original Star Wars trilogy and naturally, it gets turn into a variety of merchandise. The Star Wars Death Star Dome Tent you see here may not be as convincing the Bluetooth speaker incarnation, it is, however, true to […]

Levitating Death Star Speaker Floats Like The ‘Actual’ Thing

There are a lot of Star Wars merchandises featuring Death Star, the iconic aptly named evil lair of the Imperial. I have no opinion on those merchandises, but the Star Wars Death Star Levitating Bluetooth Speaker you see here is perhaps the most fitting because, levitation. As the product name suggests, it is a Bluetooth […]

Spaceship Earth At Epcot Turned Into Death Star With Working Super Laser

In a nutshell, the soon-to-hit-theater Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is about how the Rebel sniffed out Death Star’s weakness that lead up to Luke and the gang destroying it in A New Hope and so, what could be a better way to promote the movie than recreating a Death Star right here on […]

“Fairly Simple” Wood Turned Bamboo Death Star Will Blow Your Mind

Do you know why LEGO Death Star is impressive? Because it is formed by the pieces and do you know what makes Frank Howarth’s wooden Death Star equally, if not more impressive? Because it was handcrafted, a piece at a time. Sure, Frank could have machine or hand turn an orb out from a single […]