In movies, bad guys always get the cool stuff. In real life, pets seem to be getting all the cool stuff. Case-in-point: The Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave. OK. Perhaps, the “pets seem to be getting all the cool stuff” may not be applicable in this instance since we, humans, already have the Death Star Dome Tent to content with. Still, even with the tent, it is nothing like the Moon-sized, planets annihilating space station. So, yeah, pets do get some really cool stuff. It seems like the only responsibility of grown ups is to buy cool things for other people, or in this case, pets.

Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave from The Fowndry

Anyways, the Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave is basketball-sized, plush, cosy space for your flurry critters, like cats and small dogs, to crash in while they plan which planet to obliterate next. Nah. Just kidding. It is actually for aspiring rebel pooch or storm catrooper. But how do you tell if they are Star Wars fans? Well, actually you can’t. The truth is, they automatically will be fans if you are one. Another truth is, you don’t want a run-of-the-mill pet bed to ruin your Star Wars themed humble abode. Though I am not sure all pets will take fancy of this ‘Death Star’ because, it does have its dark side, or to be more specific, it has very dark inside.

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Somehow, I just feel like this is more of a cat thing, but if small fido feels like Dark Side is his/her calling, it will not be able to resist the allure of the dark side. Features include a super soft Velboa surface material, removable cushion inside, machine washable, waterproof internal fabric and a non-slip base so tiny Death Star don’t go places whenever kitty or fido get in and out of it. Get it from The Fowndry for a £29.99 (US$43) a pop. And no, we are not affiliated in any way.

Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave from The Fowndry

Images: The Fowndry.

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