Movie Prop Replica Of Han Solo In Carbonite Now As A Power Bank

In the galaxy far, far away, the power is in the Force, but in this real world where our lives pretty much depend on smartphones, power is in the power bank. This is why, real world folks like you and me ought to have the Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Power Bank in your […]

Now Dear Kitty And Fido Can Also Rest Inside The Most Dangerous Space Station In The Galaxy

In movies, bad guys always get the cool stuff. In real life, pets seem to be getting all the cool stuff. Case-in-point: The Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave. OK. Perhaps, the “pets seem to be getting all the cool stuff” may not be applicable in this instance since we, humans, already have the Death […]

Levitating Death Star Speaker Floats Like The ‘Actual’ Thing

There are a lot of Star Wars merchandises featuring Death Star, the iconic aptly named evil lair of the Imperial. I have no opinion on those merchandises, but the Star Wars Death Star Levitating Bluetooth Speaker you see here is perhaps the most fitting because, levitation. As the product name suggests, it is a Bluetooth […]

Star Wars Stormtrooper Decanter And Shot Glass: Fitting Drinkware For Veteran Stormtroopers

If you were a Stormtrooper, every end of a battle calls for a celebration because you never die. Lets face it, the survival rate of a Stormtrooper is beyond horrendous and so, you ARE GOING to celebrate and will do so by downing your favorite Galaxy Far, Far Away spirit in your very own image: […]

Death Star BBQ Is Not The Craziest BBQ, But It Is Certainly One Of The Coolest

Apart from the obvious toys and collectibles, characters and things from the Star Wars franchise can be turned into pretty cool everyday usable products, well, that’s if you haven’t had enough of them since a few months before the seventh instalment hit the big screen. We have seen how Darth Vader can be useful as […]

Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block May Have Taken Merchandising A Little Too Far

when it comes to movie merchandise, when is it considered ‘taking things a little too far’? a knife block, perhaps? such as this Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block? perhaps. there is hardly any association between kitchen knives and Star Wars, but that hasn’t stop the owner of Star Wars from putting the stamp of approval […]