How To Make A Cardboard Death Star II

Cardboard. It can be used to make a bunch of amazing things ranging from weapon models to tents to costume. But we just learned that it could be used to make even more amazing stuff like Death Star II from Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (Lucasfilm, 1983). Yes. Believe it.

And also yes, the image you see above is the under construction Death Star II as seen in the movie – complete with a stand, made out of, well, cardboard.

How To Make A Cardboard Death Star II

It may not be the most mind-blowing cardboard creations – that honor, IMHO, belongs to the Godzilla sculpture we saw last year, but Raphael’s Death Star II is at least something mortals like you and I can made.

Created by steady camera operator/director and creator of YouTube channel Epic Cardboard Props, Raphael, this cardboard version of the second Death Star is packed with details, including exposed interior floors and small details like protruding structures and poles to replicate that it was under construction.

I think that was perhaps the most amazing part of this build. Considering that it was made entirely out of cardboard, that level of detail is pretty mind-blowing.

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How To Make A Cardboard Death Star II

The main material here is, of course, cardboard and some cardboard paper, but you will also need a hot glue gun, wood glue, x-acto knife and loads of patience and time.

Now, for the good news. You can make your own Death Star II too by picking up the template for just US$1.99.

There are other templates up for grab too. So, if you are looking to start your own movie props making on the cheap, you may want to get started with Epic Cardboard Props. Meanwhile, here’s a video of the build:

Images: YouTube (Epic Cardboard Props).

Source: Technabob.