Cardboard, when in the hands of the right people, can be turned into virtually anything. We have seen how this heavy-duty paper-based material being used to make anything from wearable Iron Man helmet to grenade launcher to festival tents. Even Nintendo has leveraged on it to create gaming peripherals for Switch. But the creations you see here from cardboard craft extraordinaire, Kai-Xiang Zhong, is of the next level.

Cardboard Sculptures by Kai-Xiang Zhong

OK. Granted, Zhong’s cardboard creations aren’t as sophisticated as a drivable cardboard electric car, they are nevertheless jaw-dropping. Zhong has created a portfolio of cardboard-based sculptures. Among them, our favorite ought to be the over-the-top muscular Godzilla figure that has no doubt ‘lift’. If you know what I mean. Man. Just look at that piece of cardboard hunk. Impressive.

Cardboard Sculptures by Kai-Xiang Zhong

Even more impressively is, this infamous silver screen kaiju comes complete with “radiation” glow on either side of its spine as well as the eyes and mouth. A couple of other notable creations from Zhong includes a life-size Iron Man, fully articulated suit with tons of detail and a Bearded Dragon that is so freaking realistic that you’d be forgiven for thinking it is the real reptile. Absolutely unreal!

Each sculpture was made by painstakingly slicing up and gluing old cardboard together – a process which we can imagine only a person with incredible amount of resolve, creativity and skills will be able to pull off. If you are interested, you can check out more of Zhong’s works at his Facebook page HERE.

Cardboard Sculptures by Kai-Xiang Zhong

Images: Facebook (Kai-Xiang Zhong).

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