DIY Cardboard Iron Man Helmet by SKM

There are many reasons why a Marvel fan should have an Iron Man helmet. Because, of what happen in the last act and because, it is the superhero that pretty much set the ball rolling for MCU. But, damn, a movie-accurate example costs a fortune. Thankfully, though, some brilliant minds like YouTuber SKM are sharing how own the helmet without selling your soul.

Using readily available templates, SKM show you how to craft the iconic superhero helmet yourself. All you need are some cardboard and a glue gun. Forget about metalwork, or Styrofoam crafting, or 3D-printing. The DIY Cardboard Iron Man Helmet is the way to go if you have absolutely no technical skills to craft one out of metal or Styrofoam, or own a 3D printer to create one.

Though we are not sure the scale of the helmet (it looks to be of pretty decent size). That said, it does appear to be wearable and even if it is wearable, it is not going to save you from any head trauma. Also, J.A.R.V.I.S. and augmented reality display are not included.

Here, go ahead and have a look at the video embedded below.

Images: YouTube (SKM).

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Source: The Awesomer.