Single-serve coffee machine is perhaps the best thing ever happen to coffee. But the convenience sacrifices taste and causes environmental impact from the single-use pods. The Bruvi Coffee Machine from LA-based startup Bruvi aims to address those issues and then some.

Bruvi BV-01 Single-serve Coffee Machine

For starter, Bruvi’s pods, called B-Pods, promised premium house brand coffees that are said to be ethically produced and certified sustainable. Plus, the brew is said to meet Golden Cup Standard of the Specialty Coffee Association.

Unlike most, if not all, single-serve coffee machines, it makes more than just one or two types of coffee. It is also good for brewing matcha latte, espresso, Americano, infused coffee and tea, and even cold brew. Bruvi is the world’s first single-serve system to serve up cold brew.

Bruvi BV-01 Single-serve Coffee Machine

It is a smart device too. It is WiFi-enabled, letting you control the machine remotely via smartphone app. On the environment aspect, the B-Pods is 100% recyclable, but if disposed, it will breakdown without leaving hard to degrade micro plastics that takes up precious landfill spaces.

The packaging is also a little greener too, doing without adhesives. Instead, it uses water-based inks.

Bruvi BV-01 Single-serve Coffee Machine

As for the coffee machine, it features an LED touch screen, customizable brew settings, hot water dispensing for tea and other beverages, auto pod delivery, personal B-Pod consumption dashboard, large 62 oz (1.8L) water tank, auto dispense bin that holds 6 used B-Pods, and sustainable bamboo used on handle, stainless steel drip tray as well as water tank cover.

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Bruvi is selling The Bruvi Bundle, which includes the BV-01 coffee brewer, 48 B-Pods, premium water filter bag and reusable canvas bag, for US$198.

Bruvi BV-01 Single-serve Coffee Machine

Images: Bruvi.

Source: Inhabitat.

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