rather than engaging a coach to improve on your performance in sports like baseball, golf and tennis, why not let technology do it for you? surely, coach can’t offer you insight in the form of 1,000 data points per second, can he? available for three popular sports, namely baseball, golf and tennis, the Zepp Multi-Sport Sensor is the world’s first app-powered multi-sport sensor and dedicated apps for each of the aforementioned sport. the sensor is an incredibly tiny 1-inch square item and weighs just 6.3 grams (0.2 oz), and is designed never to hinder your performance. featuring an rugged, rubberized exterior and a shock-resistant core, the Zepp Multi-Sport Sensor can more than stand up to any form of abuse that those sports may serve upon it. even more incredibly is, despite its diminutive size, it still packs a ARM processor, multiple motion sensors and up to 8 hours of battery life. each sensor can stores up to 200,000 swings for tennis and 2,000 baseball and golf swings.

the Zepp Multi-Sport Sensor attaches to your sport equipment, such as to end of your baseball (or softball) bat and tennis racket, or on the golf glove with dedicated mount. as with most app and hardware combo, the captured data are transferred to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth (yes, again, incredibly, it has Bluetooth built-in too – man, how small are those components have to be?). after which you can replay and review your swings using 3D motion capture data. other data recorded includes bat/club speed, swing tempo, plus other sport-specific datas that would hopefully, help you get to the bottom of things and improved on your performance. the Zepp Multi-Sport Sensor for all three sports for $149.99 a pop.

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