Belt Sander RC Car by HackMakeMod

Have you ever looked at everyday objects and imagined them to be something else? While maybe we all do, someone has turned imagination into reality. When he was young, David Windestal of HackMakeMod thought the belt sander looked like a vehicle.

Belt Sander RC Car by HackMakeMod
The bespoke 3D printed parts.

Now that he is all grown up and has both the knowledge and resources, David decides to make his childhood imagination real. He decided to turn a belt sander into a vehicle, or an RC car, to be precise.

The idea is the conversion should not be permanent and that the belt sander will be able to be used as a belt sander when duty calls. This means no meddling with the internals.

With that in mind, the idea of snap-on conversion made up of bespoke 3D printed parts and a front end of a donor RC car was born. The conversion wasn’t a walk in the park, though.

Belt Sander RC Car by HackMakeMod
The conversion is reversible, allowing the Ryobi belt sander to be used as a sander whenever it is needed.

There were issues with the original idea which were eventually resolved. We shan’t dwell into it. Instead, we shall let HackMakeMod’s video, which you can find embedded below, take you through it.

In any case, the result, as you can see, is an aesthetically super cool power tool-turn-RC car, complete with a front bumper and a functioning light bar, which kind of reminds us of a wide track snowmobile and to some extent, a German half-track.

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While the Belt Sander RC Car can run on sandpaper, David also designed and 3D printer a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) tread suitable for tearing up the indoor floor. Skip ahead for the said video.

Images: YouTube (HackMakeMod).

via Hackaday.