WENGER Ueli Steck Knife: elite outdoor pocket knife

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(credit: WENGER) WENGER Ueli Steck | US$200.00 | www.wengerna.com

u probably will be asking “who or what the heck is Ueli Steck?” well, Ueli Steck is a professional mountaineer and speed climber who made his first climb on the Eiger North Face at the age of eighteen. it took him 10 hours. that was then. in 2008, he did it again and this time it took him just two hours and forty minutes with nothing more than bare essentials. so the teaming up of WENGER with Ueli to create a perfect tool for mountaineering makes a whole lot of sense. this pocket knife features 50% thicker blade on all three knives and unlike it’s name suggest, it is more than just a knife. it is a multifunctional tool which include a large flat screwdriver, metal saw cum file, hexagonal keys, can opener et cetera. available this April and price at $200, the Ueli Steck Knife also comes package with a carrying pouch and a North Face Trilogy DVD to get you inspired.

WENGER via Cool Material

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