What you see here is the Breakout (Spectre Edition) Sculpture by Matt Bailey presented by Mighty Jaxx. The image of flesh and skeleton separating expresses the pain of separation between lovers due to death, or because of an end of a relationship.

Breakout (Spectre Edition) Sculpture by Matt Bailey
The Spectre Edition is shown here alongside the previous black-and-white version.

Whatever the reason is, separation is painful and results in a gaping hole in the heart that no one wish exists. The rationale behind this piece is that it is said that two lovers shall become one flesh and when two becomes one, separation would be the emotional equivalent of flesh ripping away from bones.

This is the second colorway of Bailey’s work of art and mind you, though, this is not simply a recolor of what he already had. Beyond the color change is a completely different set of techniques that brings out the depth to further emphasize the story it tells.

The single black color scheme brings out the details and simultaneously, it beckons to focus on those details. Another unique feature is the use of two materials.

Breakout (Spectre Edition) Sculpture by Matt Bailey

The “body” component is of polystone in a semi-gloss finish with glossy hair that adds depth and life that emphasizes the state of fragility while the skeleton is of translucent resin.

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The resin material not only offers a distinctive and subtle contrast to the body but the varying opacity also serves to visually amplify the pain of the separation felt by the lover.

If you are down, the Breakout (Spectre Edition) by Matt Bailey is available for pre-order from Mightyjaxx.com, priced at US$269 each, with shipping expected to commence in March 2023.

Images: Mighty Jaxx.

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