For aspiring barista who desire to create latte art that pops, Takara Tommy Art has just the right tool for you: the Awata Ticino 3D Latte Art Maker. 3D latter art is a big rage today, but pick up this intricate skills require quite a fair bit of training and the Awata Ticino 3D Latte Art Maker is here to make the process of getting your desired latte art easier. With it, you are free to sculpt whatever cute animals or anything that’s foamily possible over your cup of latte. The contraption is essentially a milk frother shaped like a handgun that creates latte must-have foam and allows you to ‘fire’ measured blobs of the foamed milk to shape into whatever comes to your mind.

Awata Ticino 3D Latte Foam Art Maker

The process is fairly simple: all you need to do is to introduce low-fat or soy milk, fire up the frothing process and when it is ready (in about a minute or so), just squeeze the trigger over your caffeinated beverage and start creating. After which, the only final touch you will need will be adding the features of the animals with stuff like chocolate using the appropriate tool, and voila!, the latte art that you’ve been dreaming of made possible wihtout even attending any barista school. However, while it sounds easy, this thing won’t pump out adorable foam creatures with a squeeze. The cute animals you see there is the result of painstakingly ‘put together’ with the blobs of foam, which clearly requires some practice and whole lot of imagination. The Awata Ticino 3D Latte Art Maker is set to go on sale in Japan in December for 3,400 Yen (3,672 Yen with tax), or about US$30.

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Awata Ticino 3D Latte Foam Art Maker

Awata Ticino 3D Latte Foam Art Maker

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