Luminoodle Task Is Super Flexible, Lets You Shape The Light To Your Need

Since Thomas Edison and his team of researchers lighted up the first ever practical electric-powered light bulb, it forever reshaped the way we live. Fast forward to more than 130 years later, a new lighting from Power Practical is doing the same, but this time, we are empowered with the ability shape the light to […]

Flashlight With Plasma Lighter Is A Marriage Made For Outdoor

Gadget heads go-to all-thing camping equipment maker Power Practical has announced a pair of weather-resistant lighters aptly called Sparkr. Now, if you haven’t been in touch with the world of lighter, plasma lighter is a windproof lighter that is loosely inspired by Tesla Coil. You know? The two nodes that send concentrated electrical current to […]

This Smart Drinkware Will Keep Your Coffee At The Temperature Set By You

To achieve the perfect brew, coffee is brewed at around 200 Fahrenheit and obviously, we can’t drink at that scorching temperature. So, what do we do? We wait. Then we forgot about it and it gets a little too cold for our liking. Drinking coffee is a simple enjoyment, but it has, for some reasons, […]

Luminoodle Color and Basecamp Light Ropes Add Colors To Your Campsite

Camping and setting up a base camp should be a fun experience. However, it can’t be if you keep knocking over tents, firewood, or whatnot because you don’t have night vision ability like some animals do. The solution? Stick a lot of lanterns, or you could go with Luminoodle Color and Basecamp Portable Light Ropes. […]

Lantern Reimagined, Turned into a flexible 5-foot Light Strand That’s Still as Portable as a Lantern

Good news, nocturnal beings who love to roam the night. You can leave your flashlight in your backpack and take Luminoodle USB Light for your night roaming’s lighting needs. Chuckle at the product name all you want, but this light noodle is actually a pretty impressive illumination solution. Packed into its IP67 rated sealed silicone […]

Pronto Fast-charging Portable Battery Packs One Full Smartphone Charge in Just Five Minutes

lets face it: today’s smartphone battery life is anything but ideal and hence the need for a portable battery, or at least a charger so you can steal some electricity while waiting for your train. we’d go for the former as it allows us the power anytime, anywhere, but portable batteries have its own set […]

PowerPot X 10-Watt Portable Generator

the worst fear of any outdoor-loving geeks is running of power while out in the great outdoors, well, but that fear is non-existence if you have a PowerPot X 10-Watt Portable Generator with you. from its name, you already know it is a pot, but you probably don’t know that it is a pot which you can use to whip up a meal for two person and more, while generating up to 10 watts

The PowerPot

getting stuck in the middle of the wilderness without juice for your mobile gadgets is the worst nightmare of any modern day Indiana Jones. well, may be not Indiana Jones but any gadget-relying, adventure-seeking, average joe. in such…