The PowerPot

The PowerPot
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getting stuck in the middle of the wilderness without juice for your mobile gadgets is the worst nightmare of any modern day Indiana Jones. well, may be not Indiana Jones but any gadget-relying, adventure-seeking, average joe. in such instance, you have quite a few options open to you to avoid being caught in such a juice-less situation. you can: bring lots of batteries but weight yourself down or lug along a solar charger but still get stranded when the sun sets or you could cook and charge your mobile gadgets at the same time. the latter, of course, sounds like a more favorable proposition, since you will be cooking or boiling at some point in time during your camping trip. this is where the PowerPot could be of an assistant to you. it is a handsome-looking pot for cooking up your instant noodles or boiling of water but it also can juice up your mobile gadgets while it is executing those chores – all thanks to the thermoelectric power generator integrated into its base. fulfilling the tasks of filling up your growling stomach (or quenching your thirst) while charging up your mobile gadgets is indeed the best of both worlds, so what’s not to love? the PowerPot can be yours if you make a pledge of $150 or more over at PowerPot’s Kickstarter page but you better be hurry, cos’ the funding ends in three days. a self-explanatory video follows after the break.

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