Virgin Atlantic new Upper Class Suite

Virgin Atlantic new Upper Class Suite
(photos: Virgin Atlantic) Virgin Atlantic new Upper Class Suite | from US$3,988.20* |

we don’t know what’s your view on the price of air travel. would you go for the economy or first class, whenever possible? if the latter is your cup of English Breakfast, then British carrier Virgin Atlantic has just the right luxury to pamper yourself during the few hours in the air when you are traveling from London’s Heathrow Airport to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. what you will experience is the fruit of four years of research that brings together the best of both worlds: technology and creature comfort. the new Upper Class Suite, as it is called, features a luxurious espresso colored leather throne that offers an extra 1.5-inch seat width and reclines up to 50% more then its predecessor. in its bed mode, the seat provides a lengthy 87-inch or 220-cm of bed surface that is said to be longer than any other airlines business class bed. other features include a futuristic new onboard bar, a 12.1-inch touchscreen monitor accompanied by a touchscreen handset, USB connectivity for your mobile gadgets, new mood lighting system, a new flip down cocktail table and push panel armrest, generous storage solutions, and AeroMobile that allows you make and receive phone calls or send text messages from your own mobile phone. the new Upper Class Suite is currently featured on Virgin Atlantic’s A330 flight VS003 flying from Heathrow to New York JFK and VS004 back to London. however, such lavish treatment in air does not come cheap: a roundtrip ticket for a weeklong trip this month starts from $3,988.20 and runs up to a wallet-crunching $10,470.20 for a “fully flexible and refundable reservation.” a few more look follows after the break.

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Virgin Atlantic new Upper Class Suite
the new Upper Class Suite offers a lengthy 220 cm or 87-inch (7 foot 2 inch) of bed surface.
Virgin Atlantic new Upper Class Suite
the new expresso colored leather seat is 1.5-inch wider and reclines 50% more than its predecessor.

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