The Cyclone Scaled Classic Wooden Roller Coaster

The Cyclone Scaled Classic Wooden Roller Coaster
(photos: Hammacher) The Cyclone Scaled Classic Wooden Roller Coaster | US$699.95 |

before technological advancement rockets thrill ride to 240 km/h in just 5 seconds, roller coasters work based solely on momentum and are constructed of wood, which is old school by today’s standard but the experience is one that we cannot easily forget. now we can relive those exhilarating moments in the comfort of our home, albeit in a much smaller scale and without the intervention of technology, with the The Cyclone Scaled Classic Wooden Roller Coaster. this 1:48-scale wooden roller coaster pays homage to the classic wooden thrill rides of the 1920s and it is handmade from 464 pieces of laser-cut birch with red painted handrails and white support structure. a rotating spring draws the train and its miniature occupants up the lift hill, where it dives and sending the train through a course of four hills, three turns and finally back to its starting point, where it continues on and on. completing the package is the flashing LEDs on the handrails, adding some old school carnival atmosphere to this scaled model. this thrill ride of the miniature proportion is designed by a real roller coaster engineer, which is perhaps why it commands a rather pricey $699.95 a set. hit the jump for a few more look and a short clip of The Cyclone in action.

Hammacher via Gizmodo

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