Lets face it. Movies can do so much in immersion and so, if you really want to be part of the action, you ought to be in the movie. Experiences like in the galaxy far, far away and Avengers Campus have done or will be doing that and now, a theme park in Japan, Nijigen No Mori, is bringing the next level of immersion for fans of Godzilla.

It is not a Godzilla theme park, though. Instead, the Godzilla Experience will be part of Nijigen No Mori theme park in Japan, on the Awaji Island in Hyogo prefecture. The key attraction of this Godzilla Experience, called Godzilla Interception Operation, features a massive replica of the reptile, or at least part of it, as seen in the movies.

Nijigen No Mori Godzilla Experience

The structure features a recreation of the radioactive kaiju with his gaping mouth that looks like it is ready to devour anything that walk into it. Or in this instance, humans who zip into it because, there is a zipline that will let thrill seekers zip right into the monster’s mouth. Sounds like fun, ain’t it?

In addition, there are other activities, including one where visitors are tasked to help in capturing or defeating Godzilla and a shooting game of sort. Completing the Godzilla theme area is the requisite gift shop.

Having a Godzilla-themed area in Nijigen No Mori on Awaji Island has special significance because, the silver screen monster first appeared at the beginning of the Meiji era when a typhoon lands on Awaji Island.

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When the Godzilla Experience throws its doors open in 2020, it will join other Japanese anime and cartoon rides and exhibits in Nijigen No Mori theme park. If you read Japanese, you may want to follow Godzilla Awaji on Twitter for updates on the development.

Images: Nijigen No Mori [JP]/Toho Co., Ltd..

Source: CNN.

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