Crosley Radio Ranchero Sound Dock

Crosley Radio Ranchero Sound Dock
(photos: Crosley Radio) Crosley Radio Ranchero Sound Dock | US$199.95 |

between the love for the nostalgic flair and the love for the modern-day gadgets, there exists a go between such as a sound dock for your iDevices that have the look and feel of your 1950s radio. meet the Crosley Ranchero Sound Dock, a sound dock with an unmistakable retro flair to it, complete with a pair of footings that is so 1950s and not to mention that retro-style analog radio tuner that was a familiar sight of the 50s-60s radios. under the retro wooden enclosure is a completely modern livery that features a universal iPod dock that lets you play and charge your iPod, an analog tuner AM/FM radio, a 3.5mm audio jack that caters to non-iDevices, and a 3-inch studio driver. available in four different hues, the Crosley Radio Ranchero Sound Dock can be yours for $199.95. click through for a some larger views.

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