World’s Lowest Fiat Panda Automobile by Carmagheddon

After the two-headed car and the inverted Tesla on giant cartwheels, we thought we have seen it all. Nope. We definitely did not and as long as Carmagheddon exists, we will never see it all. A while back, an outfit on Instagram known as Carmagheddon caught our attention with a surreal custom ride. When saw what they referred to as the “world’s lowest car” make us do a double take.

World’s Lowest Fiat Panda Automobile by Carmagheddon

It is a Fiat Panda but only the top. The entire car consists only of the upper half of the car which, at a glance, you’d think there is a glitch in the matrix that results in a car half buried in the tarmac but still able to travel. Folks who played video games – especially PC games – will know what I mean. Yes. It is incredibly surreal. Even more so than anything we have thus far.

Unfortunately, we do not understand a single word the dudes say in the video. All we understand is, it is not quite a full-fledged car anymore. It even has castor wheels in the mix – in addition to Go-kart wheels and a larger, unidentified front wheel. Also, from the video, we know that, depending on the height of the driver, he or she may have to drive while laying on his or her side.

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World’s Lowest Fiat Panda Automobile by Carmagheddon

Not the comfiest positions for any activity, let alone driving. Moreover, it does not have proper flooring, which means it will kick up debris and stuff into the cabin when traveling over gravel roads. Anyways, I think it should be called the world’s flattest car instead.

TBH, the lowest car isn’t the one that caught our eyes first. It was a Mitsubishi Colt hatchback outfitted with the world’s biggest muffler and it is super loud! Skip ahead for both videos.

Images: YouTube (Carmagheddon).