Home to not boring but sometimes stupid videos (translation: destruction and mayhem), WhistlinDiesel, has done a number of crazy things and the latest would be putting a Tesla Model 3 through unimaginable tests, including, believe it or not, driving upside down.

Tesla Model 3 with 10-ft Tall Wheels by WhistlinDiesel
A Ferrari F8 can fit under it!

How does a car drive upside? I have no idea but what WhistlinDiesel did was swap the Model 3 wheels for giant-ass Bullock cart-style wheels, each measuring 10 feet tall (3 meters). After that, it uses an excavator to flip it over and complete the deed.

That’s not the only thing this not-boring thing YouTuber did. Prior to getting a set of giant wheels, he also tried to force off a wheel clamp that was secured to the Tesla’s front left wheel by just driving it off, cutting the seat with a chainsaw, and having it drive through a closed garage door – just to name a few.

Tesla Model 3 with 10-ft Tall Wheels by WhistlinDiesel
Driving the Tesla upside down may make blood rush to your head.

In short, these are not for the faint of heart-Tesla lovers. Seriously. This guy is like the Michael Reeves of transportation of all kinds (and sometimes shoes).

Images: YouTube (WhistlinDiesel).

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