The World’s Lowest Car By Carmagheddon Now Has A 1/64 Scale Die-cast Collectible!

We never thought that anyone would attempt to create the world’s lowest car but Carmagheddon did. You know what else we never thought anyone would do? Produced a 1/64 scale die-cast model of the world’s lowest car. That’s right, folks, the world’s lowest car by Carmagheddon now has a 1/64 scale die-cast collectible.

The World’s Lowest Car Looks Like A Car With Half Of Its Body Underground

After the two-headed car and the inverted Tesla on giant cartwheels, we thought we have seen it all. Nope. We definitely did not and as long as Carmagheddon exists, we will never see it all. A while back, an outfit on Instagram known as Carmagheddon caught our attention with a surreal custom ride. When saw …