Curtiss Motorcycle’s Radical Hades Electric Bike Gets A Redesign And It Is Still Radical

Since its rebranding, Curtiss Motorcycle Company has been pitching some really radical electric bike ideas. The latest we saw was the Curtiss Hades Electric Motorcycle and now, we heard, it has gotten a redesign ahead of its production in Spring 2020. Spoiler alert. It is still pretty damn radical.

Curtiss Unveiled Yet Another Electric Motorcycle Destined For Production In 2020

Well, that was quick. Just three weeks after Curtiss Motorcycle Company introduced its new all-electric flagship two-wheeler, Hera, we heard that it has out yet another striking model called Hades. While Hades is as every bit menacing as it sounds, it is who was behind it that should get motorcycling enthusiasts all pumped. It was …

Curtiss Unveils $75K Hyper-Luxury Electric Motorcycle, Zeus Radial V8

Curtiss Motorcycle Company (formerly Confederate Motorcycles) has undergone some changes to its brand identify and website, as well as updated its core design and technology design since we last saw its supposed all-electric flagship, Hera. Well, that’s gone now. In its place is this: a newly reimagined Zeus model, named Zeus Radial V8.

Hera Is Curtiss’ All-Electric Motorcycle That Has “V8 Battery”

Do you know Curtiss Motorcycle Company? No? How about Confederate Motorcycles then? Curtiss Motorcycles was formerly known as Confederate Motorcycles, the company that made ridiculously good-looking two-wheelers. Now that you know that, you also need to know it now makes electric motorcycles and the ride here, called Hera, is the company’s upcoming all-electric flagship that …