Curtiss Hades Electric Motorcycle

Well, that was quick. Just three weeks after Curtiss Motorcycle Company introduced its new all-electric flagship two-wheeler, Hera, we heard that it has out yet another striking model called Hades. While Hades is as every bit menacing as it sounds, it is who was behind it that should get motorcycling enthusiasts all pumped. It was penned by legendary designer JT Nesbitt who joined the Curtiss team last year. JT Nesbitt is, of course, the man behind Confederate Wraith and the second-generation Confederate Hellcat motorcycles.

Curtiss Hades Electric Motorcycle

However, unlike JT Nesbitt’s previous works, Hades is minimal and more importantly, it is the future because, electric drive. As with the Hera, details of the electric drive is not forthcoming. However, we learned that Hades is powered by an electric drive that is juiced by a single horizontal battery vault which result in the unique design you see above. Also like the Hera, electric energy is channeled through a proprietary controller and motor package.

At this point, Hades’ powertrain is still be optimized, but Curtiss is optimistic that it will produce 217 horses and 147 lb-ft (199 Nm) of instant torque. The battery, btw, has a projected capacity of 16.8 kWh at 399V. It does sound like the drivetrain and battery setup are carried over from the Hera (which makes total sense, btw), save for the entirely different battery structure that makes the unusual look.

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Although the Hades is destined to enter production in 2020, detail is still lacking at this point. One thing for sure, though, it is going to be pricey. It is a hyper-luxury electric motorcycle that will sell for $75,000 when it becomes available in 2020/21. Well, at least you will have time start a Curtis Hades piggy bank.

All images courtesy of Curtiss Motorcycle Company.