Want a robot dog, but Spot is out of reach while Aibo is too darn cute for your liking, and you rather not build one robot dog yourself? Well then, perhaps, Unitree A1 Robot Dog could be a good robot dog candidate.

Unitree A1 Robot Dog is outfitted with AI-powered, depth-sensing smart camera as its vision which you can also see in real-time, in HD quality. While its max. payload of 11 lbs (5 kg) is a far cry from Spot’s 14 kg, A1 is a quick little bugger.

It can gallop at 3.3 meter per second (7.38 mph/11.88 km/h), or almost double of Spot’s. A1 is juiced by a power pack that provides it with 1-2.5 hours per charge, and it is outfitted with external interfaces (I/Os), including 2x USB ports, HDMI, and Ethernet, for whatever hardware you want to outfit it with.

It said to have 3 protection modes, but TBH, we are not quite sure what it does. We do know, however, out-of-the-box, it has human follow mode, so you can be the true geek who walk his/her robotic dog instead of an actual dog.

We do not know how much Unitree A1 Robot Dog will cost. Those who are interested may put in your order to get a quote. Honestly, looking at how it is being marketed, I am pretty sure it won’t cost as much as a car. Or will it?

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Image: Unitree.

Source: Uncrate.

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