Unless you are super rich and also live near a race track, or perhaps, own a racing team, buying a track-only sports car is kind of silly. But if you can and want, Ferrari has just the race car for you.

Ferrari 488 GT Modificata Track-only Sports Car

Even better, the car, Ferrari 488 GT Modificata, is not bound to FIA Balance of Performance’s limitation. In other words, it transcends the limits imposed by technical and sporting regulations and thereby allowing the car’s full potential to be exploited.

The Ferrari 488 GT Modificata is the culmination of technology found on the 488 GT3 and 488 GTE, and then some. It is developed exclusively for use during track days and at Ferrari Club Competizioni GT events.

Ferrari 488 GT Modificata Track-only Sports Car

The race car is powered by the legendary twin turbocharged V8 engine which now develops around 690 horsepower.

The Ferrari 488 GT Modificata boasts a completed revamped high-downforce aerodynamics, aluminum roof and uprights, carbon fiber bodywork, carbon fiber clutch, 488 GTE’s suspension, 488 GT3 Evo 2020’s ABS system, and a braking system co-developed with Brembo, featuring low residual torque calipers found on world championship cars.

Ferrari 488 GT Modificata Track-only Sports Car

Further track-only features include V-Box acquisition system with Bosch’s telemetry data acquisition system that allows for downloading data onto a USB flash drive, high-resolution rear-view camera, second seat, and TPMS system for monitoring tire temperature and pressure.

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Wide range of customization options – both the exterior and interior are available for customers. Speaking of customers… the Ferrari 488 GT Modificata is reserved for the racers. The car, produced in a very limited series, will initially only be available to drivers who have, in recent years, participated in Competizioni GT with Ferrari or Club Competizioni GT.

Ferrari 488 GT Modificata Track-only Sports Car

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