with the advancement in 3D printing technology, a lot of things is set to change and among them is electric guitar. the 3D Printed Electric Guitar by ODD Guitars is a perfect example of such change. created by Olad Diegel, a Professor of Mechtronics at Masse University’s School of Engineering and Advanced technology in Auckland, New Zealand, the 3D Printed Electric Guitar is printed from nylon (nylon 12, to be specific) and put through a two-step dying process, to result in mind-blowing awesome, superbly intricate guitar bodies. though, it is noteworthy that what Prof did was just crafting out the body, while other essentials such as the pickups, neck and stuff, remains as stock parts. though the core is crafted from a choice of wood, specifically to fit the new found bodies.

however, the customized body alone is enough for any individualist musicians to drool over. in the past, professional musicians used to order custom guitar bodies in a myriad of shapes and styles, but never before as intricate as what SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) can offer. the printed product is more than just skin deep; the design goes beyond the surfaces and has the potential to showoff the same intricate designs inside the body, thereby giving the guitar that extra character. and apparently, the result is more just aesthetically-pleasing, but it also sounds brilliant too. you can hear the results for yourself in the videos after the break. also, do check out Prof Olad Diegel’s website to learn more about the construction process too.

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last but not least, if you want a custom guitar from ODD Guitars, you can order it from ODD website. as for the pricing, these guitars are made to order to suit your needs and preferences and hence, the price will be ‘price on application’. however, as a gauge as to what to expect of the price tag, a ready-to-buy ‘Spider’ or ‘Scarab’ guitar goes for $3,000 a piece over at Cubify.

Olaf Diegel via Hack A Day

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