so you have been working out diligently and has wearable tech such as the FuelBand and Amiigo among your fitness geek’s arsenal to keep track your repetitions and related datas, but do you really know the fat percentage and the quality of your muscle that you have been trying so hard to upkeep or enhanced? nope. you don’t. unless you pay a visit to your local medical science facility, those real performance data will be virtually non-existence. this is where the Skulpt Aim comes in. this mobile phone-like device is the gadget you need to know that critical data such as fat percentage and muscle quality (MQ) for a particular muscle group. all you have to do is to press the Aim (on the surface electrodes side, obviously) against any major muscle to measure those datas.

this may sounds like magic to layman, but the Aim actually uses a technique known as EIM (short for Electrical Impedance Myography), a non-invasive technique where “current is applied directly to each muscle using optimized electrode configurations and frequencies” to arrive to a conclusion and apparently, it is the only device in the market that returns muscle quality. well, actually more like the only device available to average consumers, if we might add. so if you are really serious about your training, you should really look to Skulpt Aim to keep yourself in the loop of what’s happening on the inside.

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the Skulpt Aim is available for pre-order from Indiegogo and you can score a “Day One Edition” for just $129 – a price of significant saving from its final retail price of $199. the package includes a Skulpt Aim unit (with a “Day One Edition label on the device), a charging dock and a carrying pouch for storage and transportation. and yes, it is available to international backers too. delivery is expected to be on May 2014. however, do note that the special $125 price is limited to 300 units, after which you have to opt for the Gold Aim, that comes fitted with gold sensors, for $149. a pledge video is available below for you to learn more.

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